Stuart Wiener

Stuart Wiener

I’m a design leader from sunny South Africa. This is a summary of my professional experience so far.

Absa Bank

Design Director at Absa Bank

Aug 2017 – Present

  • Lead 20+ designers responsible for designing the transactional banking app, overseeing all app design projects.
  • Work closely with product leaders, engineers and business partners. My design work covers everything from research, ideation, concept development, detailed design, hypothesis validation and delivery.
  • Initiated and led a redesign of the app in 2018 to fix the information architecture and implement a design system, enabling the product to scale.
  • Since this redesign the App Store rating has improved from 2.7 to 4.7 out of 5, the number of active users has increased 60% year-on-year (to 2 million customers) and engagement has improved from around 1 session per week to over 20 sessions per month.
  • Oversee design system across Absa, covering native app (iOS and Android) and multiple web products.
  • Created a skill framework for the design team, clarifying career paths and improving skill development across our design organisation.
  • Mentor designers and contribute to our grad programme.
  • Hire across all levels for design and research.
Deloitte Digital

Design Manager at Deloitte Digital

Apr 2015 – Jul 2017

  • Delivered digital product design for clients in a number of different industries, using human-centred design, prototyping, customer discovery and other design methods.
  • Worked with the broader strategy and consulting business to establish the design capability as part of Deloitte Digital.
  • Hired and managed designers.
  • Created and ran design thinking and product management training programmes.
  • Led customer research projects and helped some clients establish their own internal design research practices.
  • Projects included helping a major bank incubate a challenger proposition, building an investment fund management system, helping a vehicle finance company find new ways to reach their market, redesigning a corporate and investment bank’s on-boarding experience and many more.

User Experience Director at Ogilvy

Oct 2014 – Mar 2015

User Experience Designer

May 2013 – Aug 2014

  • Delivered UX design for all major projects, including developing archetypes, personas, journey maps, information architecture, wireframes, system models, interactive prototypes and mockups.
  • Managed the UX team.
  • Ran usability testing and customer research like card sorting and empathy mapping.
  • Clients included clothing retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, quick service restaurants, mobile network operators, airline operators, hotel businesses and others.

User Experience Designer at Chillisoft

Apr 2012 – Apr 2013

  • Designed and built interfaces for custom software projects.
  • Developed journey maps, service blueprints and other models to build commitment to our design solutions.
  • Clients included a multinational logistics company, a company that built custom access management hardware, a startup working on a managed building contractor platform, a steel distribution company and many more.
One Life

Designer at OneLife

Jan 2009 – Mar 2012

  • Built and managed websites for OneLife’s various initiatives, including design, development, SEO, content strategy and analytics.
  • Designed media and marketing content for campaigns and events, including photography, film production, sound recording, print design and above-the-line marketing.
  • Led live sound production teams.

OneLife is a non-profit organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, with programmes for community betterment, leadership development, family counselling and more.


Software Developer at Chillisoft

Jan 2008 – Dec 2008

  • Developed custom software for clients, including government agencies and corporate businesses.
  • Designed and built a pharmaceutical management system, used to manage the inventory of pharmacies within the government healthcare system. This system went on to be widely used across KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Chillisoft is a software development agency based in Durban, South Africa.


Here are some of the talks and workshops I've given at design conferences over the years.

Storytelling and design thumbnail

Storytelling & Design at PixelUp! 2020

This talk is all about helping people tell compelling stories in order to get the right things done.

Prototyping chat thumbnail

Prototyping Chat at BotCon 2016

This nudged people to look past the hype and focus on solving worthwhile problems with chat interfaces.

Information entropy thumbnail

Information Entropy at World Information Architecture Day 2014

This talk was about how to design for a noisy world.